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fd09fd2ec49d72ddd4e9c375cc49796fAll our happiness, deliverance from suffering lies in our nature of the Absolute. And this is not a metaphor.

We are truly the source of everything in our lives.

Our incarnations and vast experiences of joys and sufferings have had a deep impact on us. We no longer recognize our true powerful nature.

So now we cannot solve many problems that appear from nowhere now and then.

But the power is still there. It never left us even for a second. And many people feel it, remember it and are desperately looking to find a way.

We try to enter this state, we even get the initiations from the great teachers of our time. But the miracle does not happen, we cant obtain the Power.

In some cases we can but we do it painfully slowly. Disappointment comes even in the most skillful methods that are thousands of years old.

And all this because we are breaking an ancient tradition. We are missing an important step, preparation practices.

And there is some misunderstanding here. Preparation exercises designed for people of Tibetan, Hindu and other cultures and ancient societies do not fit us. For us, they are an incomprehensible outdated list wich does not clear us but only confuses.

We need our own preparation practices that are understandable, that work for our bodies, our energy and our minds.

Preparation exercises list traditionally consist of three levels: outer, inner and secret. For years, I have been doing these three types with my students.

Now it’s time to produce a course of those who are ready to fulfil their dream  - stop being a spiritual seeker and meet their absolute power, with their true nature.

This course is for those who are ready to leave doubts and really stand up to their full height, without fears, hopes and doubts.

Our course also has three levels, which we master in parallel.

images (4)Outer level.

First we need to shift materialistic worldview to the spiritual. And do it as a whole system.

Because being a spiritual seeker for years doesn’t mean that we have explanation to all the surrounding world phenomena. This detailed system vision of subtle and material world is highly needed to stop being a seeker and get the whole strength.

We need to know how exactly spiritual process influence material stuff. Especially how its constructed within our own personality. We want to get control over ourselves. And not only knowledge about the world around us.

We use ancient knowledge of spiritual Tibetan astrology adapted to modern understanding. Also we use nowadays effective astropsychology.

Such concepts as karma, past lives, ego, spirit, soul, human structure, the functions of our personality, conscious and unconscious, classes of beings, compassion, the desire for enlightenment, enlightenment itself and much more — all this requires right explanation.

You will receive this explanation on our course. You will structure your worldview and, finally, be able to rely on it.


Internal level.

On this level you participate in the process of working through your astrological chart.

There you can make sure that the knowledge you got works. In our approach this chart is a map, a detailed structure of your personality. Wich you not only can explore but build up to the next level.

We use it to improve ourselves on all levels. Such as aura, emotions, mental, circumstances, values, ideas.

Chart of your sub-personalities helps to work through all karma lessons and get rid of all kind of outdated and obsolete things.

Sub-personalities are the same in everyone, that’s what makes us separate systems. That’s what makes processing fast.

However, everyone’s karma is different, the path, the lessons, the very characters of these subpersonalities is different. Therefore, we need to CLEAR ourselves not all at once, but EVERY SUB-PERSONALITY INDIVIDUALLY. This preparation really works and it has been tested by about 10,000 of my clients and students for the last 17 years of method work.

We establish connections between subpersonalities and then the whole system starts to be reliable like a Swiss watch. Personality no longer distracts, it works proper. Of course the sky is the limit.

But still from this level of personal development you can start diving into the Absolute state.

tumblr_inline_pb7mqhzmWB1qdb7jm_500Secret level.

To work out our karma lessons we appeal to our own Spirit level. Over the years of work we have made sure that there is a place or state where we all are designers of our lives. We call it our Essence or Spirit. But almost everyone’s Spirit lost connection with personality.

With each work over personal chart the Spirit grows stronger, the connection with It becomes more powerful. Clearness of understanding, support, and security grow in you.

For many of us, psychology and psychotherapy don’t work very well because we feel like the problem started before we were born. And now it seems to be everywhere around us not only inside. Our values and ideals take away resources from our Spirit. We serve to something not even knowing to what. So that we do not have a focus on real life, on what is happening here and don’t have power to deal with our bodies, money, relationships. We are drowning in the world of our ideas wich has more than real impact on us.

 On this course we will disperse the mist of illusions that we once created ourselve. We will go through them cause now they are outdated for us, but keep us captive. We will return life to our hands as much as possible, we will release the power of our spirits.

This experience is the secret level of preparation practices.


And now about the important.

Preparation practices take time and money. Therefore, classes on this course are conducted in the format of training in the profession. And the course is designed in a way that by completing it you get a new professional skill that will help you get a new income.

If you think that the spiritual path is not related to any kind of income metters, then this is not true. At all times, Tibetan lamas, yogis, shamans, and all people following the spiritual path, had vast experience and knowledge in astrology, soul and body healing of all kinds.

Your goal as theirs is spiritual practice, not delivering a service to people. But when you become professionals, your help begin to be well paid.

 To start this course no special knowledge of astrology is required!

So I present you

Professional course on the method of working out the astrological chart symbol-myrtle




Detailed course program here


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