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doctorstrange_9START OF THE COURSE: 6-8 OCTOBER 2023

So, our course consists of THEORY AND PRACTICE



Every month we meet for the weekend to work on your maps and teach the method, and the next Sunday we meet for a lecture on the course «Profession of Astropsychology».

PRACTICE, that is, the course of mastering the method of working out the astrological chart Simbol-Myrth includes the following parts:

l «Professional course on the method» — 3 months, 96 hours,

l «Level-master» — 3 months, 72 hours,

l «Working out the Unconscious map» — 3 months, 48 hours

l»Workshop on the method» — 3 months, 36 hours

Total: 12 academic months (252 hours)


Lesson time. Once a month Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00 (Moscow time) The lesson takes place remotely in the ZOOM program.

Methodological materials: all methodological materials necessary for training are provided. Format. Lecture material 20%, practical work on the cards of each (in pairs and the general group) — 50%, discussion and answers to questions — 30%. The format and content may change depending on the needs of the group.

Record. An audio recording is being made. Recording by participants is possible subject to further strict confidentiality. In total, during the program you will go through about 12 studies. And take part in more than 60 studies of other people.

To participate in the webinar, you need to have: 1. a computer connected to fast Internet line, equipped with a webcam and a microphone. 2. ZOOM


Part 1. “Development of an astrological chart according to the Symbol-Myrth method. Theory and practice»

Attention! The first part includes 4 modules, but takes place over 3 months. Therefore, for the first three months, we meet not once a month, but every three weeks.


Module one.

üIntroduction. The essence of the method. History of occurrence.

üA brief review of the state of psychotherapy in Russia and the world.

üBasic principles of work.

üWhat are the possibilities of the method. Statistics of results for the years of existence.

ü The work of the method at different levels (channels). The individual style of the constellator. Advantages and disadvantages. methods that work for them.

ü Work safety rules.

üWorking with the map — parental family /. Study of subpersonalities: will (sun), soul (moon), control (saturn).

Homework for a month.

l- «Alien feelings»: how to figure out where yours is and where someone else’s feeling is and come to a harmonious state.

l- «Projections»: what roles we play, how to stop being «not ourselves» and react differently than usual.

l- «Oppositions»: with whom I actually argue in my head, and how to finally agree with him.

l- “My rights, how to make sure they are not violated”

l- «I am in the right state for this problem / person»

l We make cards.

l-Basic astro-concepts (meaning of planets, signs, houses)


Module two.

ü- Ego, spirit, soul. Spiritual healing is the basis of work on personality.

ü- Evolutionary levels of personality.

ü- Research material on the study of the will (sun), soul (moon), control (saturn).

ü- Values and ideals. position of a specialist. Practical work.

ü- Developing the main subpersonalities (planets). We work on the analytical mind (mercury), the ability to enjoy (venus), activity (mars), leadership (jupiter), sense of proportion and wisdom (chiron).

ü- Research material on the study of these planets.

Homework for a month.

l-Track in what situations, which planets are included. When to focus on which subpersonality (planet).

l-Lifestyle, clothes. Connection of bodily practices.

l-Determination of the ideal state of the planet at a given evolutionary level.

l-Implementation of individual recommendations for additional methods for each!


Module three.

ü- Aspects of planets. Plots. Entry and exit rules.

ü- Research material on the study of aspects.

ü- Developing the main problematic aspects. Opposition. Squares. Connections.

ü-           Figures in the map. Research material.

ü- Working out the figures in the map.

Homework for a month.

l-Work on various issues: illness, finances, relationships, self-determination, etc.

l-Working out all emerging conflicts through aspects of the map.

l-Exercises from the cycle «Thanatotherapy».


Module four.

ü- Higher subpersonalities (planets) — higher forces that control evolution and participate in it. Research material.

ü- Elaboration of the higher planets on the maps.

ü- Work on various requests: diseases, finances, relationships, self-determination, etc.

ü-         Determining the essence of the client’s problem, the amount of work.

ü- Final arrangements on the cards. The whole group. Supervision of the leading course.

ü- OS about the results of work on each map for 4 months. Written and oral.

ü- OS of each participant to another. Orally.

ü- Completion.

Part 2 “Method of astrological constellations Symbol-Myrth.

Master level»

Module one.

ü Safety of the method for the health of the therapist. Your personal bodily «capacity», environmental friendliness, security (initial and how to develop), methods of purification, restoration. How much can you work safely for yourself.                                                                                                                                                                    ​ Determining the essence of the client’s problem, the amount of work.

ü Source of the client’s request: energy parasites, spiritual problems, «quality» of the personality, stable plots from past lives.

ü Different approaches and styles in astro constellations: magical, psychological, spiritual.

ü Work with such subpersonalities as with leadership (Jupiter), balance and wisdom (Chiron) and the creation of rules and control (Saturn), as representatives of social institutions. Your leadership qualities, the qualities of a psychotherapist, a master. How to become the one who leads.

Module two.

ü . Research material. External and internal. Correct accents. Magical look, infantile, etc.

ü · Working of the highest planets on cards. Filters installed by various systems.

ü Chakras outside the body. Up and down.

ü Work on transferring to another evolutionary level. Diagnostics of the current state and development plan.

ü·        Dealing with different issues on different transits.

üThird module.

ü · Final group arrangements public with the supervision of the host.

ü·   To to everyone on further specialization and personal development tasks.

ü How to organize practice. What exactly can you do right now. The right attitude to finances.

ü Brand values. How to be a representative of the method and feel confident despite the inevitable mistakes.

ü · Results of the course of increasing skill.

Module three.

Final group constellations are public with the supervision of the host.

Feedback to everyone on further specialization and personal development tasks.

How to organize practice. What exactly can you do right now. The right attitude to finances.

Brand values. How to be a representative of the method and feel confident despite the inevitable mistakes.

The results of the master’s course.




Working through the unconscious map is important not only for those who have a stronger unconscious. It is due to the so-called «hidden potential» that we not only act in life, trying to reveal it, but often, unfortunately, are inactive. At such moments, we are like a too-well-corked bottle, inside of which there is “something” under great pressure.

If you want to understand how you can blow off steam most effectively, I recommend taking this course. The usual effect of working with the subconscious, with prenatal periods, is achievements in the professional field. Therefore, if you need a breakthrough in spiritual and professional terms, this course is for you.


Module one.

-The possibilities that the unconscious map opens up.

- Work with the unconscious — as a way to freedom from external help.

-Research of the unconscious personality map. Working with projections

-Working with the degrees of the planets of the unconscious map. A new level of self-acceptance.

Module two.

-Elaboration of aspects and figures of the unconscious map.

- Ways to support the body during periods of working out the unconscious map.

-Observation of the plots of life: from a conscious or unconscious map, they come.

-Working with observation and internal observer.

Module three.

-Working out the natal sun to the unconscious. Elaboration of the connection of the natal moon and the entire unconscious map.

-Working out the most important aspects of the natal chart to the unconscious.

-General conclusions and observations of what is happening. Building a personal development program for the rest of the year.




Everyone will go through 3 big works on their chart.

· Independent work with the client card in pairs and individually. Supervision and analysis of each constellation.

· Explanations on diagnostics, working with goals, evolutionary levels.

· Provide instructions and feedback.

· Work with resistance.

· The ideal state of each planet.

· Working with aspects and figures in the map: awareness of internal plots.

· Differences of different levels and bodies, work with the spirit.

The higher planets, chiron and proserpine. Immunity, development of the «empty middle» state for the therapist.

· Supportive activities, self-regulation for client and therapist.

· Ability to enter into astrological symbolism and get out of it, switch from a birth chart to a chart to a chart of the unconscious, from subtle to dense planes, from intuition to sensory, from ethics to logic.


Learn to work independently (in pair with a co-host) with a client’s request: illness, finances, relationships, self-determination, etc.

Learn to diagnose and work out a painful symptom of a client.

Confident constellation through internal authority and knowledge of the method.




Training takes place once a month for 6 hours on Saturdays.


Modern approach — as a result of training you will be able to answer specific questions about the cards (partner compatibility, personal development, financial well-being, health, make a forecast, etc.).

Author’s practical developments — only useful information!

Duration — the full course is 18 academic months (1.5 years) 108 hours.



Duration — 12 months.


Part 1. Introductory lectures. Cosmogram.

ü The development of astrology from the beginning to the present day.

üAstrological programs, how to work in them.

ü Elements.

ü Signs of the zodiac by decade.

ü Major planets.

üLilith, selena, centaurs and point of fortune.

üStrong and weak planets in the chart.

ü Interpretation of the cosmogram, the order of analysis.

Part 2. Planets in signs. Aspects of.

ü Planets and nodes in signs. Stelliums.

üInterpretation of the cosmogram taking into account planets in signs.

ü Major aspects.

üMinor aspects.

ü Major aspects to the sun, moon.

ü Major aspects to other planets.

ü Aspects of higher planets.

ü The main figures in the map.

Part 3. Natal chart. Sectors.

ü Construction of a natal chart.

üDifferent house systems. Review.

ü Meaning of houses.

ü Horizon and meridian. Hemispheres and quadrants. Asc, Dsc, MC,IC.

ü Planets and Lunar nodes in houses.

üSigns on the tops of houses.

ü Rulers of houses in the houses of the natal chart.

Interpretation of the natal chart.

- connections of houses, aspects of planets to the tops of houses;

- career guidance;

- relationships;

- health.

Part 4. Spiritual astrology.

ü Karmic astrology. Awareness of karmic tasks. South and north nodes in houses. Planets at the nodes. directive nodes. Aspects of the sun to the nodes is a conscious spiritual path.

ü Spiritual search. South and north node in signs. The accumulated potential of this life and the tasks of the future. Transitional period 35-40 years, midlife crisis: a harmonious transition.

ü The difference between magical and esoteric approaches

ü Subtle bodies

üPast lives in the map

ü Personal evolution

üEgregorial astrology.

Part 5. Frequent customer requests.

üBusiness astrology

üThe issue of finance in the map

ü Career guidance for children and adolescents

ü Creativity.

If the participants wish, we extend the course for 6 months to study the following topics

Part 6. Fundamentals of Tibetan astrology



üAnimal of the year

üPeriods of the year

Part 7. Transits

ü ransit cycles.

üTransits at home.

üAspects of transits in relation to the radix.

üForecast and rectification by transit method.

Part 8. Synastry.

üBusiness partners, friendship. Order of analysis, necessary aspects.

ü The relationship between men and women. Order of analysis, necessary aspects.

ü Level of relationships, goals.

ü Planets in partner’s houses.

üAspects of the planets — sexual compatibility.

üThe image of the partner in the map.

üAspects of the planets — family compatibility.

üThe image of the partner in the map.


At the end of the course, a certificate of completion of the course is issued with the assignment of the status of «Astropsychologist».

For those who want to work out the skills of an astropsychologist and “get their hands on it”, a workshop is organized.



Course fee: 380 euro per module (training method + astropsychology). Payment is made once for three modules in advance.

The first part is 4 modules.

Payment by installments is possible for regular participants. Please contact for individual conditions.


To register for the course, a half-hour consultation is held with a discussion of your card. Let’s talk about how training will be for you, what opportunities and difficulties, what prospects you have as an astropsychologist.

!!For everyone who sign up for the course until 07/15/2023, a discount of 50 euro per month is provided and the cost of each module is 330 euro!


The number of places for this price is limited, hurry up to agree on your participation and take your place in the amazing process.



whatsapp telegram




351323750_806052787466632_1757844438689876352_nKate Symbol (Tat Sat)

I am an astropsychologist, psychotherapist, shaman and author of the astrological chart constellation method.

I have been helping people and teaching for 17 years.

My professional arsenal includes a variety of methods: from shamanistic rituals, astropsychology and the Mongolian horoscope to psychotherapy, constellations on the astrological chart, coaching and Buddhist practices.

People turn to me for help in matters of mission realization, spiritual growth, compatibility with partners, financial stability and health.

During this period, I conducted 20 streams of training in the method of “Arrangement of the astrological chart according to the Simbol-Myrth method” and helped more than 7,000 clients in an individual format.

Among them are doctors, teachers, psychotherapists, business owners, top managers and people of various other professions.

Every year I conduct shamanic spiritual traveling seminars in Tyva, Khakassia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and Norway.

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