Symbol-Myrth method is the newest and the most effective way to work through the human personality. It is based on astrology and psychotherapy of Bert Hellinger.

It was invented in the beginning of 2000s by Ekaterina Symbol and Alexandra Myrth. Now more than 10000 persons have been through this amazing process and got the best results.

We all have the same parts of identity, which are our planets.

So the set of human abilities are regular for everyone.

There are the Will (sun), the Soul (Moon), the Analytic (Mercury), the Pleasure (Venus), the Activity (Mars) and so on.

But  all these parts in us are of a different styles and have personal connections between them. Which provide us different plots and life stories.

яSo we all have a map to our inner world. And there is the key how should we fix it.

This work causes real deep changes in people’s lives.

We all are the projectors to the screen of our environment. When we work with these small functional parts we began to feel ourselves independent being more and more.

We put away and examine all the unfinished relationships and set all of our parts free.

That makes the whole personality system work faster.

Then we make the relations between these parts in proper more realized way.

And here we are! The personality system came to a new life quality level. The human got rid of all old models and got a new style in a whole.

This method is very helpful for people involved in artistic and helping professions.

The teachers, trainers, medicine workers, actors and musicians appreciate it a lot. That’s because of their need in empathy. This work make them much more open to the other people’s life stories.

They are not afraid of being involved in them because they know and feel themselves strongly and in a very detailed way.

Actors came the characters of heroes much more deeply. And as soon as the role was played there are no more negative outcomes to their senses.

Now we invite you to have a session of individual constellation work. All you have to do is write a letter to  Please write there your birthdate, hour and place of birth, life goals and wait for a couple of days while all the information will be examined. After that we will have a free 30 minutes consultation by skype to discuss future work and then you will come to any conclusion to either continue or not.

подарок5Statistically known terms are the following.

  • To correct the particular behavior (change the relationships with the person/get rid of the particular symptom) takes 4 sessions which are held in 1 month.
  • To come through the personal transformation (getting out of the difficult life period, total renewing and regeneration) takes 8 sessions in 3 months.
  • Deep structure work (carrier changing to helping or creative professions, mastery of the method and all of new reality work) takes 10-12 sessions holding in 0,5-1 year period.

Every session takes 2 hours and is recorded in video and audio so you can listen to it later and thing over.

There must be not more than 1 week between the sessions (especially the first ones).

The session cost is 300 USD if you pay for a visit or 250 USD if you pay for the contract of 4 sessions in advance. You will need a web-camera and internet.

Each year we have a students group in learning the Symbol-Myrth Method. It you have any question or proposals about that do not hesitate to ask.

Let me meet you inside your personal chart!космос вместе5

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