катя66666666Kate Symbol

-Astro Psychotherapist, researcher
· Consultant, trainer, personal coach
· The Co-auphor of Constellations of the Horoscope Method (Symbol-Myrt Mephod)
· Director of Kate Symbol’s Process Methods Center (Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia)
· Shaman (ancient Tuva traditions)
· Organization of Shaman seminars in power places all other Siberia (Tuva and Khakassia).

Kate Symbol provide professional help if…

· You want to know your personality or your relationships deeply
· You want to overcome difficult situations or transformation period
· Your are not too self assure as a creator or do not really believe in your Man (Woman) Power
· You are ready to open your supernatural abilities
· Or you want to find out secrets of a qualified helper (astrologer, coach, business-trainer)
Then just contact her +7 9673284100!

Working hard in different arias for the last 12 years Kate has experienced as business trainer in small companies and huge corporates. There are FMCG, Car retailing, publishing houses, IT companies, banks and others among her clients. She has been a chef of corporate university and project manager in corporate coaching.

After all this work with businessmen for 5 years Kate’s interests have been turned to psychotherapy. All these years she was deeply involved into process work of Arnold Mindell, integral psychology of Ken Wilber and shamanism.
As for astrology there was constant practice and lots of clients in this aria.

During these 10 years Kate has been generously share her knowledge with almost 2000 people beginners in training, Counseling and coaching all other the Russia.
Also Kate is known as an author of about 80 journals publications in the following topics

Career and private secrets,
Best partnership advices,
Personal strategy and positioning

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