«New Level» Shamanic Seminar in Golden Earth of Jordan

«New Level» Shamanic Seminar in Golden Earth of Jordan


For those who begin big projects in any area or planning to have family and kids. Alsoforeverybodywhoneedinspirationandbrandnewlife.

Group is 5-12 persons.

The Schedule. 11.01-14.01. Arrival to Amman airport. Transfer to Akaba.

4 nights relaxation in the Red Sea Beach in «My hotel» 3*. The Red Sea will help us purify and get rid of all old effects.

First night we will lead purifying shamanic ritual. Old Teaching of shamans dreaming during all 4 days will help you to reconsider the past period of your life. During our seminars with Spirits help you will come to the right conclusions of your life experiences.We study from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 20.00 to 22.00 All the rest time is with the Sea.

15.01-17.01 Vadi Rum Desert. We live in «BEDOUIN ADVISOR CAMP».

First night we have a ritual near fire. We give our gifts to the Desert Spirits. The power of this place is so great that everybody who will be in harmony with ritual will get personally new spiritual level. We will have new awareness and personal strong will. (The shaman of the seminar has a prophesy that Owner of the Desert will give happiness to all who will be enough modest and concentrated during the ritual).

Next day we have a wonderful walk, examining all these moon landscape. In the evening we have a rest and meditation near Bedouins fire under Milky Way.

17.01 Petra, Pink Perl. We have a trip through Petra during 4-5 hours.

This place will give strong spiritual protection to all good intentions of yours. Those who came for inspiration will be totally satisfied. There we will have Vedic mantras singing. 

We spend night in Petra hotel.

18.01 in the morning we leave for Amman, there is out flight home.


  • ·         Hotels with breakfasts,
  • ·         All excursions and entrance tickets,
  • ·         Transfers on mini vans,
  • ·         English translator for all trip long,
  • ·         Payment for shamanic work,
  • ·         Gifts for Spirits.

Not included lunches, small expenses (for souvenirs and so on) and air tickets.

The Expenses.

  • ·         USD 400 is shaman fee
  • ·         USD 100 is gift for Spirits
  • ·         USD 696 is our tour cost

So all the cost (without flight from your country to and from Jordan) is USD 1196.

Conditions. Payment can be made in 2 parts. Prepayment from 20% to 100% has to be done till 1.12.2012. All prepayments is till 11.12.2012.

Discounts. Those who made prepayment before 25.11.2012 has USD100 discount! Also every pair has USD100 discount.

Remember. You will feel all possible power only in company of real shaman and priest! Don’t spend your lifetime on average tourism.

The chief of the Seminar.


  • Siberian shaman. The elements of earth, wind and water. Kate hold purifying shamanic rituals, “white road” opening to every purpose. Also Kate create strong guarding amulets and make “huvaanok” prophecy. She also organize shamanic seminars in power places of Khakassia and Tuva republics, Siberia.
  • Astro psychologist, researcher. The author of constellation on astrological chart (Symbol-Myrth method).
  • Director of Symbol Kate’s Center of Process Methods. 
  • Counselor and trainer with 10 years experience.

Phone for contacts in Russia +7 905 976 2045. Kate

Symbol.kate@gmail.com Skype: kate.gauguin. www.astrosymbol.com

 This great trip is organized with BOSCA Travel Company,

 our spiritual tour guide!

Moscow, Lubyanskyi proezd house 5, building 1.
Тел: +7 (495) 749 80 46 Тел/факс: +7 (495) 623 27 67 E-mail: mail@boscatravel.ru


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